Recycled Newspaper, Waste Paper Decorative Basket

Recycled Newspaper, Waste Paper Decorative Basket


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Materials: Used newspaper print, glue and paper vanish.

Care and maintenance:

Keep it in dry place by avoiding the contact with water and high cold, which destroy those paper. And also use dry tissue to move dust on it.



Did you know old used newspapers can be turned into a stunningly new cool basket? Well, that’s what this product by this seller are made of! The basket is a handwoven creation rom discarded newspapers the artist has collected from the the local post office. Other ingredients are glue, paper vanish and sheer skill. Vanish and glue are readily available from local stores. The artist meticulously weaves tirelessly around this basket with skill, without a frame to weave around it as is the case with traditional basket making.¬† The solo artist, a recent university graduate, has trained a few other persons to support him to increase output in wake of rising demand. “When I was in school, I noticed that a lot of paper, from¬† exam anywhere to newspapers, and waste from offices if destroyed. I started to think how those papers can be used again. I start to make research on how I can treat used papers in an artistic way in order to sustain the environment. The inspiration of this product soon came from other designers through the internet, so I came up with mine. This basket takes a long process. We cut the used newspapers stock into small pieces, then sock them in water to soften. We then twist it into tiny pipes, which we bind together with glue and spread vanish over the complete product to protect it against water and dust. It is then dried in the sun to make it hard. This product associated with the Rwandan culture materials and ecofriendly, reducing the amount of unwanted global waste while cutting down use of unsustainable sources that destroy our world.


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