Beautiful Yellow Torsade Candles-Bees Wax

Beautiful Yellow Torsade Candles-Bees Wax


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Materials: 100% Bees Wax, 100% coton wick

Care and maintenance: Always light your candle on a non-inflamable support. Light it away from a breeze and  children.  Keep it away from dust. Cut the wick at about 1 cm above the candle before every use.



Beeswax, the ingredient from which this product is made, is a natural product derived from the belly glands of the working bee.

The bee uses nectar or honey to produce wax, in which honey is stored. It is a process of mastication and incorporation of pollen and propolis that gives the wax its beautiful range of pale  yellow to orange color. Bee Light is a social enterprise aiming to give a new life to Rwandan raw or recycled material. Our aim is to increase the well-being of people that don’t necessarily have access to the normal stream of work. We work in partenrship with bees keepers to insure the best quality of bees wax. The Torsade candle is Bee Light first product and was inspired by its flame shape.


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