Rwandan Natural Handwoven Multi-Color Sisal Basket

Rwandan Natural Handwoven Multi-Color Sisal Basket


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Natural valley grasses and banana leaves over a papyrus frame



This beautiful basket is the handiwork and collective effort of a group of women who form the Inzira Dream Network, a members’ cooperative, based in the northern province district of Nyabihu. Frequently, the women congregate at a location and weave their livelihood away, twitisting  and stitching around strands of dyed sweetgrass into another beautiful basket with a lid coil. The group own their sisal plants and extract fibers from them by seperating the green fleshy green part of the leaf from the white, string-like fibers that are kept. These fibers are further washed clean, dried, dipped in dye for a color flavor then woven. Occassionally, the women also buy additional materials when opportunity beckons. The process takes about 5-6 days to complete one basket. Hand-woven from natural sisal fibers.


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