Natural Eco-friendly hand woven dry banana fibre tray

Natural Eco-friendly hand woven dry banana fibre tray


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Fresh mature natural banana fibre, dried to perfection



The banana crop is one of Rwanda’s major food crops but until recent, banana stems would go to waste after harvesting the fruit. Soon, some enterprising youth artisans from Murunda sector, Rutsiro district, inspired by fibre abundance, discovered they had talent to turn this waste into productive commercial activity. Under their Coperative, KOABIM (acronym for association of banana fibre weavers) they collect materials from nearby plantations in as far as Ngoma, Muhanga and Kayonza (Rwamagana) districts, which have some of the densest populations of the banana plant in the country. Natural fibres are carefully sourced and selected from banana platations. The artisans then weave away to bring shape to product life. Their work is handmade and eco-friendly


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