Handmade Long Neck Kiln-Fired Clay Vase – with Handles

Handmade Long Neck Kiln-Fired Clay Vase – with Handles


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Raw impure swamp clay, kiln fire, water and vanish

Care & Maintenance:

Easily washed but requires much care because it is fragile


Mainly used indoors and outdoors as ornamental plant holders.



This product is made by talented hands of a group of artisans working with the Kigali Pottery Collections kiln in Kayonza district, and supplies from pottery cooperatives from various other areas around Rwanda. Clay baking is a centuries old, tribal economic activity associated mainly with the Batwa, a minority ethinic group of Rwandans. Clay flower pots, just like all other earthenware products they make, are meticulously created with great care, right from the time clay is collected and preserved, then processed into complete products. Clay pottery is an extremely tedious activity. It is collected from swamps and hillsides and preserved for over two years. The mugs, vases and pots are then handmade into various shapes and sizes using the acquired Batwa traditional skills. They are then allowed to dry for about two days before being bakes in ovens powered by intense firewood heat. The pots and vases are then removd for a decorative coat of painting, before being baked again. The results are the stunningly sturdy pottery range of products. Clay have become so lucrative that the community now comfortably depends on it for livelihood – as they have for centuries.


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